important notice 2021-22 season

To Districts 1 & 2 Executives, LCA Representatives


On May 21, 2021 the LCA Council met by zoom and made some decisions about the upcoming season.

Some important aspects of the 2021/22 curling season remain unclear due to the pandemic.  For this reason, the Association will not schedule events until January 2022.  As curling clubs open and are willing to donate ice time for our events, schedules will be prepared and details will be published.

In light of this, the LCA will not collect the usual annual club dues ($3 per regular lady member).  Competition fees will be collected from participants as events go forward.

Certain events are open only to curlers who have played for 5 and under or 7 and under years.  After consideration of all the limits placed on those few games played during the pandemic, we will not consider the 2020/2021 season as a year of curling.  On balance it is the view of Council that issues such as limited number of ends, limited sweeping and social distancing rules hindered the development of curling skills and so the year should not count.  Given the limited number of curlers who played more than ten games, this approach will not unduly influence the outcome of these particular competitions.

Certain events were not completed in the 2019/20 season.  Given the abbreviated season for 21/22, we will not attempt to hold the finals.  The teams or clubs who would have been in the finals will be listed in the annual report but the trophies will not be awarded. 

The LCA needs a Council in order to manage our business.  The Presidency will be assumed by Louise Howe this year, as it is the turn of District 2.  Susan Johnston and Glenda Stark will be 1st year and 2nd year Councillors.  For District 1, Nancy Mark does not wish to assume the Presidency of the District.  Patricia Birkett has agreed to stay on for 1 more year.  Roberta Perron is a 1 year Councillor and Heather Aldridge is a 2 year Councillor. We will need 2 Yr. Councillors for both Districts the following year as well as providing a LCA President.  If you are willing to work with this fine organization, please let us know.

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