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 Stanley Gauthier

Closing Date limite -                 December 17 / le 17 décembre 2023
District Playdowns / -               January 13 / le 13 janvier 2024
    Eliminatoires                     9:00 AM to 5:00 PM / 09h00 à 17h00
                                          Huntley Curling Club

District Finals /
Finale de District
                     January 14 / le 14 janvier 2024
                                           9:00 AM & 1:00 PM / 09h00 et 13h00
                                           Huntley Curling Club

Chairperson / 
Présidente de la Compétition -     Glenda Stark      

Entry Fee / Frais d'inscription -   $80.00

Rules and Regulations                                                        Printable version


  1. All curlers playing in this event must be a member of a club belonging to the LCA.

  2. Curl Canada rules shall apply, including LCA Amendments.

  3. Entry fee shall be set by the LCA.

  4. All games to be 8 ends.

  5. Unlimited entries. Two games guaranteed.

  6. There are two trophies:  STANLEY and GAUTHIER.                                                                                                   Winners of the first game play in the Stanley event and the losers play in the Gauthier event.

  7. Winning rinks shall be responsible for returning trophies and carrying cases to the LCA.

  8. Only players in their fifth year of curling or less may enter. Eligibility shall be determined by each club.         Curlers who have participated in 10 or more games during a curling season have a year’s curling experience.  Participation in a Learn to Curl Program or League, which lasts for ten (10) weeks or longer, will count as a year of curling

  9. Composite rinks allowed.  All participants must be a member of a club that is a member of the LCA.

  10. If no other curler is available because of the restriction on the number of years curled, a player from a team that has been eliminated in the competition may be substituted.


Bonspiel format open to LCA curlers with 5 or less years curling experience. Two games guaranteed. District 2.

Stanley Trophy presented in 1959-60 by Dr. and Mrs. Howard O.E. Stanley for Junior curlers. Records show 1963 proposal to be submitted by Mrs. Stanley offering Trophy to District 2 as District 1 already had a Junior Trophy. Played for in 1960.

Centre winners receive Centre plaque purchased by LCA District - Centre pins to all Centre Winners (gilt) red curling stone suspended from bar imprinted with "Stanley"

District Winners receive Stanley Trophy and LCA pins

District Runners-up receive LCA pins

Gauthier Trophy presented by Miss Eglantine "Tiny" Gauthier of Buckingham Curling Club and played for the first time in 1976. Died Monday, Nov. 27, 1995, in Italy at the age of 85. No plaques for Centre winners

Centre pins presented to all Centre Winners (silver) blue curling stone engraved "Gauthier"

District Winner receives Trophy and LCA pins

District Runners-up receive LCA pins

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