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Macdonald-Paterson- Roy

Closing Date / Date limite -  

Dates of Play / Date de jeu- 

Reception / Réception-     

Finals / Finales - 


Chairperson/ Présidente de la Compétition - 

Entry Fee / Frais d'inscription - 

Open to both Districts - Played in District 2

February 26, 2024

March 19 to March 22, 2024

March 19, 2024 at 4:00 PM

Granite Curling Club  

March 22, 2024 at 9:00 AM

RCMP Curling Club


Louise Howe


Rules and Regulations                                            Printable Version


  1. All curlers playing in this event must be a member of a club belonging to the LCA.

  2. Curl Canada rules shall apply, including LCA Amendments.

  3. Entry fee shall be set by the LCA.

  4. All games to be 8 ends.

  5. Unlimited entries. Three games guaranteed.

  6. This competition shall be held in District 2.

  7. There are three trophies:  MACDONALD - PATERSON - ROY

  8. Winning clubs shall be responsible for returning trophies and carrying cases to the LCA 

  9. A player, who has been eliminated from this competition, may not be used as a substitute on another rink.

  10. Composite rinks are allowed.



Bonspiel format open to LCA curlers. Unlimited entries. Three games guaranteed. Open to both Districts. From 1965 rotated between District 1 and 2. Played in Ottawa since 1981-82 rotation discontinued.

Macdonald - In April 1959 the Macdonald Tobacco Company offered a trophy to the LCA for annual competition. This trophy was discussed at length and at one time it was suggested that it be played for on an intenational basis. No definite decision was reached. Finally, late in the 1962 season, invitations were sent to 50 clubs and play started with an entry of 32 rinks. The competition was run on a knock-out basis with Main Event and Consolation - giving each entrant at least two games. Mrs. Billings (Three Rivers), President of LCA accepted the trophy on behalf of the Association. Mr. Fortier and Mr. Geary of the Macdonald Company attended the finals held at the St. George Curling Club.

Winner receives Trophy and pins (gilt)

Runners-up receive pins (silver)

Paterson - Second Event Presented by William Paterson Estate in 1964. Mr. Paterson, affectionately called "Wee Willie" by his many friends, was an ardent curler. He was a member of the old St. Lawrence Curling Club until it closed in 1938 and later a mamber of the Thistle Curling Club. President of the Canadian Branch, Royal Caledonian Curling Club, 1940-41.

Winners receive Trophy and pins (gilt)

Runners-up receive pins (silver)

Roy = Third event Presented 1965 by Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Roy of Howick, Quebec. Addie Roy was President of the LCA 1964-65, an amiabble, ardent and interested curler.

Winners receive Roy Tray and pins (Gilt)

Runners-up receive pins (silver)

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