Centennial/Mary McGuire
District 1 - Playdowns & Finals
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District Playdowns: 
District Finals: (8 ends)
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District 2 - Playdowns & Finals

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District Finals (8 ends): 


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Rules and Regulations

  1. Only clubs belonging to the LCA may enter this competition. 

  2. Curl Canada rules shall apply, including LCA Amendments. 

  3. Entry fee shall be set by the LCA. 

  4. All games are 8 ends except the Championship games between District 1and District 2 which will be 10 ends. 

  5. This is a competition for Senior Ladies.  Competitors must be 55 years or over by the first game of the                                    competition. 

  6.  A club may enter as many rinks as are eligible.  Two games guaranteed. 

  7.  There are two trophies:  CENTENNIAL and MARY McGUIRE. The winners of the first game play in the                                   Centennial event and the losers play in the Mary McGuire.    

  8.  The Championship Finals will be held alternately in District 1 and District 2. 

  9.   Winning clubs shall be responsible for returning trophies and carrying cases to the LCA.

10.  Composite rinks are allowed. 


Bonspiel format open to LCA curlers 55 years of age and over.

Composite rinks permitted.

Two games guaranteed. Championship finals alternate each year between District 1 and 2. 

The Centennial Trophy was presented to the Ladies Curling Association by Mr. W. Bidwell of Richard Hemsley Co. Limited (Hemsley's Jewellers) for the Ladies Senior Competition in April 1967, Canada's Centennial.

The Mary McGuire Trophy was presented to the Ladies Curling Association by the family of the late Mary McGuire for the Senior Competition in 1969. Mrs. A.M.J. McGuire, a member of Tecumseh Curling Club, was President of LCA in 1967-68 and an Honourary Lifetime Member.

District Winners and Runners-up receive pins

Championship Winners receive Trophy and Pins (gilt)

Championship Runners-up receive Pins (silver)