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 Lady Tweedsmuir

District 1
Closing Date/ Date limite d'inscription 
                                 le 19 décembre, 2022 / December 19, 2022

Centre Playdowns /Éliminatoires
                                  Centre 1 & 2  - le 9 janvier / January 9, 2023
                                  Club de curling Whitlock Curling Club
                                   09h00 & 13h00 (Un lunch sera disponsible                                                                                                                  à vos frais)
                                   9:30 AM & 1:00 PM Lunch to purchase
                                    Centre 3 & 6 - le 6 janvier / January 6, 2023
                                    Club de curling Montreal West Curling Club
                                    14h00 & 17h00  Chacune apporte son repas
                                    2:00 PM & 5:00 PM  Brown bag lunch

Finale de District /District Final -
                                     le 28 janvier / January 28, 2023 
                                      13h00 / 1:00 PM
Endroit / Site        Club de curling Lacolle Curling Club
                                       Repas leger à suivre.
                                       Light refreshments to follow

 Présidente de la  Compétition / District Chairperson -                                                         Patricia Birkett
Frais d'inscription / Entry Fee -   
                                      $100.00 par inscription / per entry
Chèque à l'ordre au responsable du centre
Payable to theCentre Convenor       
                                     Centre 1 & 2 Nancy Lucas
                                     Centre 3 & 6 Heather Aldridge
District 2
Closing Date -  January 9, 2023
District Playdowns - January 28, 2023
                                               9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
                                                Richmond Curling Club

District Finals -              Sunday,  January 29, 2023
                                                 9:00 AM & 1:00 PM
                                                 Richmond Curling Club

Chairperson -                  Louise Howe
Entry Fee -                         $100.00 per entry

Championnat - le 11 février 2023 14h00

Championship - February 11, 2023  2:00 PM

Ottawa Hunt Curling Club

Rules and Regulations

  1. Only clubs belonging to the L.C.A. may enter this competition.
  2. Curl Canada rules shall apply, including L.C.A. Amendments except as follows:
      Substitution:     1.  Only 2 members of each rink may be substituted for in any one game.  

                              2.  Players originally named to one rink may not be switched to another.  

                              3.  Any club member having substituted for one rink would be eligible for substitution on the other rink                                      throughout the competition.
      Late Starting:   1.  Any rink starting late shall observe the toss of the team already started.  

                                        2.  Play shall start at the home end after penalty has been applied, however, if the game is a final                                                     and there are spectators, it is advisable to start play according to the end, i.e., if commencing                                                       second end, start from far end and play home.
      Toss of Coin:   In double-rink competitions, the lead of one of the two rinks representing the same club shall toss a                                        coin for the choice of playing the last stone of the first end.  When the choice has been made,                                                        the  other rink of the club winning the toss shall play the opposite of the partner.
  3. Entry fee shall be set by the L.C.A.
  4. All games to be 8 ends, championship 10 ends.  In the case of a tie, both rinks shall play an extra end.
  5. There will be  playdowns in each District to a finalist.  Winners from District 1 will meet winners from District 2             for the trophy.
  6. Only one entry per club.  This is a double-rink entry, that is, two rinks constitute one entry.
  7. Skips may confer with each other re strategy, but the game must not halt and wait for other game - that is                         balking!  A rule of curling; a curler must be in the hack ready to curl when it is her turn.
  8. The winning club shall be responsible for returning the trophy to the L.C.A.
       Procedure for Draw:    At Centre level the draw is made for club versus club.  Prior to the start of the game, the              opposing Skips will draw for opponent and ice.  District level the Skips will draw for opponent and ice as well as             at the Championship final.


October 2017

One double-rink entry per club. Total Points. Single knockout. Championship Finals in Ottawa played in conjunction with the Men's Governor General Championship. It was on the initiative of the Rideau Curling Club ladies that this competition came into being. Mrs. R.B. Viets and Mrs. K.A. Greene felt the need for a competition equivalent to the Men's Governor General's Trophy. They approached Colonel Eric McKenzie, Controller of the Household at Rideau Hall and were presented with a Trophy donated by Lady Tweedsmuir, wife of Lord Tweedsmuir, Governor General of Canada from 1936-40. Date on Trophy 1937-38, played for first time in 1938. Played in "Irons" up to and including 1953, since 1954 in "Granites". In 1950 the ends were reduced from 14 to 12 and 10 ends are now only played at the Championship.  District Winners receive pins (gilt) as of 1981-82District Runners-up receive pins (silver) as of 1982-83Championship Winners receive pins (gilt)Trophy presented to Winning Club's President (box and blue flannel bag)Championship Runners-up receive pins (silver)Lady Tweedsmuir pin (gilt) presented to Governor General's wife the first time she presents the trophy (or Governor General's Representative)

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