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 McCallum Filly - Hamilton Shield

District 1

Closing Date limite -                 

Eliminatoires/Centre Playdowns

                  Chacune apporte son déjeuner /Brown Bag Lunch

                  Centre 1 & 2

                  le 6 au 10 février/February 6-10,2023

                  09h30 et 13h00 / 9:30 AM & 1:00 PM

                  Club de curling St-Lambert Curling Club

                  Centre 3 & 6 le 25 février / February 25, 2023

                  09h30 et 13h30 / 9:30 AM & 1:30 PM

                  Club de curling Mont-Bruno Curling Club

Finale de District Finals

                  le 5 mars/March 5, 2023

                  09h30 et 13h00 / 9:30 AM & 13:00

                  Club de curling Ormstown Curling Club 

Présidente de la compétition/Chairperson -

                  Patricia Birkett

Frais d'inscription/Entry Fee


Payable à l’ordre de la responsable du centre / Payable to the Centre Convenor:

                       Centre 1 et 2 - Maxine Perra                                    

                       Centre 3 et 6 - Heather Aldridge

District 2

Closing Date -             January 27, 2023

District Playdowns - February 18, 2023

                                       9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

District Finals -          February 19, 2023

                                       9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

                                       Huntley Curling Club

Chairperson -             Susan Johnston                 

Entry Fee -                   $60.00

Championnat -  le 19 mars, 2023 10h00
                    Club de curlng Morrisburg

Championship - March 19, 2023 10:00AM
                     Morrisburg Curling Club

Rules and Regulations


  1. All curlers playing in this event must be a member of a club belonging to the LCA

  2. Curl Canada rules shall apply, including LCA Amendments.

  3. Entry fee shall be set by the LCA.

  4. All games are 8 ends except the Championship games between District 1 and District 2 which will be 10 ends

  5. Unlimited entries. Two games guaranteed.

  6. There are two trophies:  McCALLUM FILLY and HAMILTON SHIELD. The winners of the first game play in the McCallum Filly event and the losers play in the Hamilton Shield event.

  7. The Championship Finals will be held alternately in District 1 and District 2.

  8. Winning clubs shall be responsible for returning trophies and carrying cases to the LCA 

  9. Only players in their seventh year of curling or less may enter. Eligibility shall be determined by each club.  Curlers who have participated in 10 or more games during a curling season have a year's curling experience.  Participation in a Learn to Curl Program or League, which lasts for ten (10) weeks or longer, will count as a year of curling

  10. Composite rinks are allowed.  All participants must be a member of a club that is a Member of the LCA.

  11. If no other curler is available because of the restriction on the number of years curled, a player from a team that has been eliminated in the competition may be substituted.



Bonspiel format open to LCA curlers with 7 or less years curling experience. Unlimited entries, composite rinks permitted. Two games guaranteed. Championship finals alternate each year between District 1 and 2.

The McCallum Filly Trophy was presented by Mr. and Mrs. George McCallum of Richmond, Ontario, 1974-75. Played for the first time in April 1975. Edith McCallum was President of LCA in 1974-75. McCallum Filly 1982-83 Plaques presented to all Centre winners in District 1 and 2 (purchased by LCA) 

District Plaques for Winners 1974-75 presented by Edith and George McCallum

District Winner pins horseshoe with red curling stone (gilt)

District Runner-up pins horseshoe with red curling stone (silver)

Championship Winners McCallum Filly Trophy and gilt bar with filly

Championship Runner-up receives LCA silver bar with filly

The Hamilton Shield was presented by Carol (Edith's daughter) and David Hamilton in 1975-76, the second year of the competition. No Centre Plaques.  

District Plaques for Winners (purchased by LCA 1987-88).  

District Winner pins horseshoe with blue curling stone (gilt)

District Runner-up pins horseshoe with blue curling stone (silver)

Championship Winners Hamilton Shield Plaque and gold shield with filly attached

Championship Runners-up receive silver shield with filly attached

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