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LCA Rules

Curl Canada rules shall apply, including L.C.A. Amendments


LCA Competitions - General Rules               Printable version                          Timing Procedure


  1. In order to play in any L.C.A. competition, with the exception of the Junior/Bantam Girls competitions, an entrant must be 18 years or over prior to the competition. L.C.A. dues must be paid by her Club.                                           In the event that the fees paid by a member in a Club cover both Day and Evening privileges, that member may choose to play as a member of a Day rink or an Evening rink in any L.C.A. competition, but may enter only once in any competition. 

  2. A rink must have a complement of four players. However, a team may start with three players if the fourth is delayed. If a fourth player does not arrive, the game is deemed to be forfeited by the three-man team unless extenuating circumstances apply.

  3. In any one game, in the event of illness or other extenuating circumstances, a rink may continue to play with three players. In succeeding games a replacement must be found and may play as the skip designates, but always within the rules of the specific competition. A substitute may be provided by the host club if necessary.

  4. Only two players may be substituted on any rink. If a player is substituted for twice consecutively in any L.C.A. competition, she is no longer a member of the rink and cannot continue to play. If a spare is required for the final game of a competition, her name shall be listed with the winning club.

  5. In the event of late arrival of a team, the rink shall lose one point and one end for each 15 minutes delay, and shall lose by default after one hour.

  6. In the event of the late arrival of a team due to bad weather conditions, the game can be delayed up to thirty minutes without a penalty.

  7. In the event that the winner of a Centre/District is unable to ice a complete rink (two substitutes only will be allowed), the runner-up rink from the Centre/District may replace the rink for the District/Championship playdowns.

  8. Curlers who have participated in ten (10) or more games during a curling season have a year's curling experience when counting years curled. The same rule will apply for Junior curlers. Participation in a Learn to Curl Program or League, which lasts for ten (10) weeks or longer, will count as a year of curling.

  9. Warm-up time prior to L.C.A. events cannot be provided for in the majority of events. If time allows, it will be permitted at the discretion of the Chairperson of the event.

  10. A player, who has been eliminated from an L.C.A. competition, may not be used as a substitute on another rink in the same competition.

  11. Free Guard Zone in effect in L.C.A. competitions.

  12. (a)   District Finals & Championships: If after regulation play, the score is tied, play shall be continuous (end the           stones are thrown to) until the game is decided.

      (b)  District Playdowns: If after regulation play the score is tied, the tie will be broken by a draw to the button by            any member of the team (with sweepers). When the stone comes to rest, the stone must be measured and                   removed from play. The same person may throw as many times as necessary to break the tie. The opposing                 team is not allowed to sweep the opposition's rock.


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