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 Challenge Trophies - District 1

Played throughout the Season
Birks (Double Rink)

Played throughout the season

Final - Whitlock Curling Club, Hudson, QC

          March 21, 2024

Ted Thompson (Single Rink)

Played throughout the season

Final - Whitlock Curling Club, Hudson, QC

          March 21, 2024

Dudley Kerr Single Rink (5 years and under curlers)
Played throughout the season
Final - Whitlock Curling Club, Hudson, QC
          March 21, 2024

Chairperson - Maxine Perra

Entry Fee - $60.00 per club for entry in all three (3) competitions




Birks – Open competition – 2 rinks

Ted Thompson – Seniors (6 years and over) 1 rink

Dudley Kerr – Juniors (5 years and under) 1 rink

1(a) Challenge Rounds – 8 ends – two rink competition for Birks and one rink for BOTH Ted Thompson and Dudley Kerr. Games are played on Challenger's ice.

1(b) Playoff finals – Birks and Ted Thompson – 10 ends.

2.) Composite teams allowed providing the Club pays the Challenge fee entry and is a member of the Ladies Curling Association. The members of the team should be from the same Centre. Fifty percent of the team must be from the Home Club.

3.) All games are scheduled for Thursdays, and usually take place in the mornings. Prior play may be arranged upon agreement of both clubs.

4.) The Clubs shall play in order drawn, see format 'attached'.

5.) In case of a default of Defending Club, this shall constitute a win for the Challenger (home Club). In case of a default by Challenging Club, (Home Club) – the Defending Club shall play the next Challenger.

6.) If a team is late – they shall lose one point for each l5 minute delay. If a team is more that one hour late, their Club looses by default.

7.) If Defending Club cannot get to Challenger Club due to bad weather, (storm, blizzard, etc.) the game may be rescheduled but played before the next scheduled game. We are certain Clubs will be cooperative in this matter. If there is absolutely no day agreeable to both that can be found, then the Defending Club will lose by default.

8.) Prior to an eight – end challenge round game, a 10 minute practice time is permitted for each team, timed from the release of the first practice rock. Rock colour shall be predetermined (oldest club dark rocks) and practice shall take place on the sheet or sheets on which the game or games are to be played. The home team shall be the first to practice, starting 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the game. The visiting team's practice shall commence immediately thereafter, approximately 20 minutes before the start of the game.

9.) If a team starts without its full compliment on the ice, the first two players each deliver 3 stones each end; the fourth player may join the game at any time.

10.) There is only 1 toss in a dual rink competition. The order of play (last rock) is determined by the team making the toss, i.e., reversed in the second ice.

11.) In a dual rink competition, both rinks should start and finish together and try to pace themselves, but no one should hold up a game (balk) in order for the other to catch up.

12.) In the event of a tie after 8 ends, it must be broken by playing an extra end. If there is still a tie after an extra end is played, then it must be broken by a draw to the button, by any team member, with sweeping allowed, and a broom may be held. After a measure, the first rock thrown shall be removed from play.

13.) In regard to two-rink entries, if after 8 ends there is still a tie in total scores, and following the playing of an extra end, there is still a tie, a time-out of a maximum of 5 minutes may be taken during which each club's eight curlers may confer to decide which member of their team is to throw the deciding rock, who will be the two sweepers and who will hold the broom. The curler from each Club who is to throw the tie breaking rock may do so on the sheet on which she has just played. A coin toss will be made with the winner making the choice of whether to throw first or last rock.

14.) There shall be an Umpire.

15.) The host Club shall provide a complimentary light lunch for competing curlers.

16.) The winning Club of each Challenge shall notify the next Club on the list to verify date and time of the next scheduled game.

17.) The Defending Club must continue to win each challenge to be the winner of the competition or section of that competition. If a team has won consecutive games and looses, the winning team progresses on through the competition. Winner is “last man standing”.

18.) For the playoff finals in the Birks, and Ted Thompson, 10 ends shall be played with no practice time permitted but otherwise shall be subject to the same tie-breaking rules as given in rules 12 and 13 above. The winning team (or teams) in the finals are the winners of the competition.

PLEASE NOTE; The winning club must e-mail the results of each game to the LCA Challenge Trophies Chairperson (giving the total points for both teams) as soon as possible. All scores must be in by 6:00 p.m. the day of play.

LCA FEB. 2023

Runner-up - St. Lambert

Skip        Wendy Klacko

Third      Claire Boulanger

Second   Victoria Mertl

Lead        Stephanie Pollard

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