Junior Girls (under 18)

Open to both Districts. Played in District 2

Closing Date

Date of Play -  

Site -  

Chairperson -  

Entry Fee -     ( for any team belonging to a club that is not a member of the LCA) *

                         * additional $15.00 for a fifth player

Rules and Regulations


  1. As many teams as possible may enter.

  2. Curl Canada rules shall apply, including LCA (Ladies Curling Association) Amendments.

  3. Entry fee shall be set by the LCA.

  4. Age:  Under 18 years of age as of the date of play of the competition and providing the curler is attending an educational institution.

  5. Winning rinks shall be responsible for returning trophies to the LCA 

  6. Each team is allowed one time out per game.

  7. The Championship Finals will be held in District 1 or District 2.

  8. All games are 8 ends.

  9. Composite rinks are allowed. 


September 2016

Juniors under 18 years old and attending an educational institution.

Composite rinks permitted. 

Each rink must have 4 players.

Entries are accepted from both Districts.

Lunch provided to curlers.