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Adopt 5 rock rule- effective 2018 – 2019




Officiated Rules –   Rule 13. Free Guard Zone  (FGZ (2) (3)

General Rules –       Rule 12. Free Guard Zone (FGZ) (2) (3)




(2)  Any Stationary stone (s) belonging to the opposition located in the FGZ shall not be removed from play by the delivering team prior to the delivery of the 6th stone of the end.  When an opposition’s stone that is removed from play from the FGZ prior to the 6th stone of the end, directly or indirectly, without exception, the delivered stone must be removed from play and any other displaced stones replaced as close as possible to its original position. Any stone previously in the FGZ but now located in the rings, biting the tee-line, or behind the tee-line, may be removed at any time.



(3)  A delivered third, fourth or fifth stone of an end may hit an opposition stone (s) located in the FGZ on to a stone (s) not in the FGZ providing that any opposition stone originally located in the FGZ remains in play.  If an opposition's stone (s) is removed from play, apply Rule 13 (2) or Rule 12 (2)

September 2018

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