News from the Council 2022-23 Curling Season

The LCA Council has decided it is time to resume our events after a two-year hiatus. For the moment, dates and places have not been determined, but the planning process has begun. As usual, the green sheets will give the details once ice availability has been confirmed. If you are an LCA representative in one of our Districts, you will be hearing from your executive about a meeting later this year.


You may recall that we decided to not count the 2020-21 season as a year of curling for events limited to those having curled less than a certain number of years. For the 2021-22 curling season, since many clubs were open for significant amounts of time, that year will count. If you did not curl during 2021-22, then that year will not count for you.


Let us all hope that conditions will allow us to enjoy curling once again.


Louise Howe

LCA President

Heading 2